Strategic Alliances

Green Workspace has gained its strength by its strategic alliance with Lakeside SysTrack, which is a 20 year old company and caters to 3 million+ end points.We deliver solid business value jointly to cater to our client’s business and technology issues across various verticals and geographical locations.
The Green Workspace team is accredited for carrying out Sales, Presales, Implementation and Support activities.

About Lakeside SysTrack
Lakeside’s industry-leading workspace analytics suite, is a comprehensive tool for monitoring and managing enterprise computing environments. Collecting over 10,000 points of user data at the endpoint every 15 seconds, SysTrack creates dynamic visualizations and reports that enable IT to understand both what is happening at the end-user level and how the environment is performing as a whole. With this knowledge, IT can improve users’ digital experiences, optimize the provisioning and performance of assets, and reduce the impact of technological problems.
Lakeside’s patented Data-Mine architecture works by installing a lightweight agent on every physical and virtual system that is invisible to the end user. Granular data is continuously gathered on every system before being periodically summarized and sent to a local SysTrack Master. By deriving data at the endpoint, SysTrack provides an accurate view into real system performance and user experiences.

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