Our Solutions and Demos

End User Experience and Server Monitoring
SysTrack provides deep insight into the end-user environment in order to help you optimize it for business productivity. How? SysTrack monitors and analyzes the factors that impact the end-user experience and calculates a corresponding end-user experience score. Based on this, SysTrack then provides actionable intelligence you can use to plan, implement and optimize your IT environment with end-users in mind.

Hardware and Application Performance Management
Through a range of real time and trending tools SysTrack can be utilized to continually monitor and manage server infrastructure. Using health and performance metrics SysTrack can automatically alert against industry standard or custom thresholds to allow operations teams to be notified via email, IM or automatic creation of help desk tickets.

Major Technology Integrations
Understanding the difference between what organizations purchase and what they accomplish with that technology, we decided to use our flagship product, SysTrack, to help bridge the gap. Today, we partner with popular IT vendors to create vendor-specific reports that IT administrators can run anytime to evaluate, measure and tune their IT solutions. The outcome? Our customers are matched with IT solutions and vendors that fit their IT environment, and optimize the IT resources already in their environments according to business need!

Workspace Analytics & Risk Visualization

VDI Sizing and Optimization
The success of any desktop or application virtualization initiative depends on the accuracy of the workspace data used. SysTrack discovers and assesses workspace applications and services, quantifies their usage and resource consumption and aids in planning the design of application packages and virtual images. SysTrack also provides sizing recommendations for workspaces that can include virtual desktops, virtualized applications, terminal servers and virtual machine configurations.

OS Migration
To transform any desktop estate to managed end-user workspaces without impacting user productivity, it is essential to gather information about how desktops are currently being used. With SysTrack, you can gather real usage data with no impact to system performance. SysTrack analyzes endpoint data, provides insights on this information and makes detailed recommendations for desktop transformation projects, from the users that should migrate to a new solution to which solution is best for your environment. The right solution should seamlessly improve end-user productivity while enhancing IT purview.

Business Intelligence Dashboards & Insight Engine
A wealth of standard reports will be available customizing content for specific audience types and reporting requirements. These Reports include SSRS and Interactive Dashboards which enable the operations team and the CXO for smart decision making.

Event Correlation & Root Cause Analysis
Event correlation and analysis (ECA) is IT’s time machine. By saving data collected about a system, workspace analytics solutions provide a record of what was happening on a system at any given point in time. If your house caught on fire, chances are you’d like to know why. ECA is about discovering where the smoke detectors are going off and examining the surrounding infrastructure to be able to quell the flame and, eventually, put measures in place to prevent similar incidents in the future. ECA capabilities within workspace analytics solutions have the end goal of solving IT problems quickly, and (ideally) automatically.